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An interview with FoRM

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Interviews

After a great interview with SuBoXoNe recently, here is another interview, this interview is with FoRM member XxFoRMxX

Why did you start the group?

I started the group out of an interest in HD encoding with x264. I knew some friends who had started up their own groups (VarK and HiDt, for starters) and was interested enough to learn how to encode, then post my first release. Needless to say, I shouldn’t have posted that first release quite yet because it was uncropped and had separate subtitles but some people got on board who did help me, and here we are today

What groups do you consider competition to FoRM?

There is not a group we try to beat, we just try to maintain transparency at the smallest file size possible, if we happen to have better quality than an encode and a smaller filesize, well, all for the better so to answer the question, some groups I like to do comparisons against are CHD and EuReKA and FraMeSToR

Do you have a favourite tracker and if you do why?

I absolutely love because of the rarity of the content there and the ability of the site to come through on random requests is unparalleled

What were some good points and low points for FoRM?

Our obvious good point was when we were just starting out at HD Torrents and another one has been our stay here at Awesome HD where our work is appreciated and critiqued like never before, some low points include our stay at CHD, and shortly before leaving HD Torrents

Do you have a favorite release group?

Well Z@X and HiDt definitely produce quality material, and also ESiR encodes and xander encodes have never been bad for me, all the groups at Awesome HD do a fantastic job

Two pass or CRF?

This is a topic that I think you will be seeing more and more throughout the HD encoding community, I like Two pass for the sheer fact that I can manipulate the bitrate to my exact specifications, and I have been known to shave off or add in slivers of bitrate in test encodes to get the quality just right, it is tough to do that with CRF but with recent findings that for a given bitrate, there is no quality difference between the two methods, I think you are going to see loads of HD groups shift over to CRF in the near future

How is every member of FoRM different?

We each have our quirks, MovieGuy is the most steady, probably most experienced member of our group, producing quality encodes at a high rate since the groups formation and CubaJoey is a genius when it comes to the various aspects that make up HD encoding, and I think his sheer brilliance adds loads to the group, I add input on ideas, as well as being a great diplomat and our mystery encoder who is currently working on his debut release to Awesome HD adds a refreshing element of youth to our group and a very strong work ethic

Where do you see FoRM in one year?

Still at Awesome HD releasing quality encodes and perhaps a redesigned uploading style

Why did FoRM decide to go to Awesome HD?

The language barrier at CHDBits was definitely a major one because it was frustrating having to use Google Translate in order to understand comments and criticism but that was not the only reason, and Awesome HD was just an attractive prospect at the time, and everything is good so far


The interview with SuBoXoNe is here, many questions have been asked and many questions have been answered, most questions have been from Internal Releases visitors

When did you start to encode and why?

A couple of years ago but only for myself at first, i started because i love HD but also have a limited amount of HDD space

Why did you decide to go to CHDBits?

Well i had originally planned on going to BIT HDTV but never got a reply so i asked CHDBits and they said yes and i am now glad i went there instead, it is a nice community and there are wonderful people there

There are many discussions about Two pass and CRF and do you have an opinion about it?

Well it used to be that Two pass was defiantly better for a given bitrate but anymore, not so much, i will sometimes do a CRF first to see how well the encode will compress and from there will do a Two pass encode with that information, but if it compresses enough with the CRF and it is satisfactory i will sometimes just keep the CRF and upload it

Where do you see SuBoXoNe in one year?

hopefully still encoding and with same goal, quality first, and possibly some more members

How long does it take to do an encode on average for you?

That is a good question and one that has many variables but lets assume the movie length is 2 hours and the machine is a core i7 920 overclocked to 3.3GHZ (this is what one of my machines is) at the high settings i use it could take from 15 to 17 hours or more, i have just recently started to use some insane settings (basically everything at max and also no fast pskip) and i plan on using these from now on, this is only the encoding, taking screens, muxing, chapters and making the NFO take time too, it is loads of work but worth it in the end

What software do you use to encode?

For Windows i use MeGUI and x264 CLI on Linux

What encoding profile settings do you use?

Do not use any profiles, i use my own settings and these are different according to the encode

Do you have a favourite release group?

Apart from SuBoXone my favourite release groups are FraMeSToR and xander and CtrlHD and CHD

If you have a favourite tracker what is it?

For HD it is CHDBits and BIT HDTV

How did you get to where you are today?

By seeding loads and uploading but first i encoded movies and uploaded them and got some fans

If you were to compare each encode you do to a well known group what group would it be?

Well i would say all of my encodes are something  like FraMeSToR encodes and i am also considering releasing some BD-25 releases like EuReKA is now doing but also continue to release MKV encodes too