Internal release groups that appear on Internal Releases

FTW-HD (internal at Awesome HD)

xander (internal at Awesome HD)

FraMeSToR (internal at HDME)

FoRM (internal at Awesome HD)

de[42] (internal at Awesome HD)

decibeL (internal at Awesome HD)

D-ZON3 (internal at Awesome HD)

SuBoXoNe (internal at CHDBits)

CHD (internal at CHDBits)

INtL (internal at HDME)

  1. GHOSTWRiTAZ says:

    Do you maybe know on which tracker ” DON ” is active at…
    Hope to hear from you

  2. kevcampbell says:


    yes they are an internal group at HDBits i think, but i am not sure if they release anymore

  3. GHOSTWRiTAZ says:

    Internal at HDME >> HDME and INtL

    Here is the INtL blog for upcoming encodes :

    and ooh yeah here are some Demo Encodes to test your hardware/software !

    Best Regards,

  4. GHOSTWRiTAZ says:

    Okay thanks for your reply kevcampbell,

    Keep up the great work here on your blog m8.

    Best Regards

  5. kevcampbell says:

    You welcome, thank you for the nice comment

  6. chris says:

    hello kevcampbell. u can update your blog adding more groups.
    DON continue to release hd movies. the latest one Cargo.2009.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-DON
    nice blog mate i like it

  7. GHOSTWRiTAZ says:

    @chris, if you read the >>about<< page, you noticed that kevcampbell only covers 1080p << releases "thank god" and not the usual crap 720p releases nothing wrong with that but I hate 'em, just my opinion about it that's all…

  8. chris says:

    ok nevermind. thnks for reply GHOSTWRiTAZ

  9. Zanydu says:

    Nice site!! Keep up the good work 😉

  10. Viper says:

    Great site…Love it 🙂

  11. Luciano says:

    One thing that could be interesting is making stats about how many releases from each group are dxva compliant and/or reach the a-hd gold status.
    How about calculate the average bitrate, the average size for each group, how many times they provide dts, ac3 etc
    Idk, instead of the usual useless “I prefer xyz encodes because they rock”, would be interesting to have an objective comparison.

    Would it be possible to make that ?

  12. kevcampbell says:

    well i could include information saying if an awesome hd internal encode receives gold status and dxva

    but i think all internal encodes from all the groups that are here would reach gold status and dxva but for awesome hd releases i can include information that says if the encode is gold and dxva

    not sure if i can do something like calculate the average bitrate and average size, but i think the bitrate and size of encodes from these groups are always different and as for audio, usually most of these groups always include the best audio available (apart from hd audio) but some groups upload hd audio seperately

    thank you for the comment, always nice to have suggestions

  13. Luciano says:

    hmm well, ahd internals get ahd gold and dxva most of the time and I can easily see that like all ahd members. Would have been more interesting to compare to other internals…
    I know there’s a mediainfo checker on ahd but I don’t download enough stuff from other trackers to be able to make stats. Besides other trackers don’t always provide the complete media info.

    Btw you’re right for bitrate and size. Size isn’t relevant and the average bitrate for each group wouldn’t mean a lot as it depends on which type of movies they have encoded.

    Actually, I was more wondering about asian groups, wiki, chd. It seems to me that the quality of their encodes isn’t regular.

  14. Anonymous says:

    how can i put my tracker hd and my team (occasionelly) ?

  15. Anonymous says:

    i miss : french tracker hd

  16. kevcampbell says:

    We can talk about it, can you provide me with a contact email so i can email you?

  17. Anonymous says:

    yes ok , but where i put my mail ? i won’t in this place and i looking for you , but i don’t see. :/

  18. Anonymous says:

    my mail

  19. Anonymous says:

    this is my tracker :

  20. Anonymous says:

    can u please make comparisons between the same releases of different groups. i find it hard to find out which release is superior to download it. thanks

  21. tommy says:

    hey kevin u need more volunteers to edit and post b’c this blog has huge potential if done properly!

    good luck!

  22. kevcampbell says:

    Will see what i can do about comparisons for different groups, some releases have comparison screens that compare to source and another group

    hello tommy, i would like volunteers but if anyone wants to volunteer they need to tell me they want to, not sure if you want to apply or not but i think you are a regular visitor so i guess you would be good if you did want to apply, what you on about properly?

  23. Matt says:

    Where’s EuReKA?

  24. svger says:

    any idea whether HDxT is internal release of any tracker?

  25. LACI says:

    @Matt: EuReKA is on
    @svger: HDxt is internal group on

  26. Cam says:

    where is CBGB from, where do they do their internal releases? also why are they always first?

  27. someguy says:

    I believe CBGB is actually a scene group

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