This blog specializes in bringing you the latest information on internal encodes from excellent groups such as FraMeSToR, FTW-HD and more, for a list of others please click groups

This blog will be updated every day with new releases, and some old releases too

If you want the latest information on encodes from groups such as CiNEFiLE this blog is not for you, this blog specializes in quality releases that groups like FraMeSToR and FTW-HD can only provide, they are not the only two great groups though, click groups to see a list of other great groups

Featured here are encodes that are 1080p and what is not featured here is enhanced encodes and anything that is not 1080p

Also, Please consider subscribing to the feeds or bookmark this blog, if you have not already

  1. TMockingbird says:

    I think your idea for this blog is good, it’s the execution that’s lacking IMO.

    You are basically telling people that there is a release and maybe if it has HD audio. Very little actual useful info. You need more technical info giving readers a basis to compare different releases of the same movie and decide which they want to download.
    If you were shopping for a new luxury car, you wouldn’t need a blog to tell you that “there are Cadillacs and Lincolns and Mercedes and oh yes, they all have four wheels”

    This site for scene releases may give you some ideas: http://scenereleases.info/

    As I said, you have a good idea, it just needs a little development. Keep at it!


  2. GHOSTWRiTAZ says:

    Yes only 1080p finally, great work m8.

    Best Regards,

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